Saturday, August 21, 2010

A side note on 'adventurous' recipes for babies

I promised 'adventurous' recipes, and while most of this first week's recipes have been tasty, they may not be what you'd call 'adventurous' (with the possible exception of the pumpkin soup). I assure you I'm working on that! Of course, 'adventurous' is a matter of perspective-- for some people, I suppose whole wheat pancakes are fairly adventurous when given to a 6 month old (no offense if you're one of those, dear reader! It's just that it's not exactly in the same league as Thai curry, flavor-wise). But anyway, these first recipes are my so-far standbys, which only underlines why I need to declare my intentions about 'adventurousness'. You find a few things that work reliably well, and next thing you know, the kid's having the same thing for breakfast every day, and you've missed your opportunity to introduce them to a real variety of foods.

Also in adventure news: we officially have crawling today. We're in trouble now!

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